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Metta Sacdyphoud ~ Board Certified Massage Therapist

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”— ~Haruki Murakami

       -Muscle stiffness in your neck makes it difficult to get through a typical day....

       -Low back pain prevents you from enjoying routine activities....

       -Headaches that keep coming back and interrupting your life....

       -Stress from work that you can't seem to just leave at work at the end of the day...

       -Chronic pain after an injury that leads to taking more medication than you'd like...

Any amount of pain is difficult to live with but what if you didn't have to?

Intentional and focused Massage Therapy combined with movement can provide you with the relief you need to make the move towards holistic self-care.

       -You may find better posture after the stiffness in your neck has been relieved.

       -Once your low back pain is gone, you may learn better body mechanics to use for life.

       -You may find that you don't need as much headache or pain medication as before.

       -Stress may become more manageable as you explore relaxation techniques and incorporate aromatherapy.


The list goes on!


Each massage is customized to your needs using all my knowledge of different massage modalities, aromatherapy, cupping and heat applications. Every session will include the full spectrum of care to give you the best outcome possible. 


Why I chose massage therapy.

"Receiving massage therapy as part of my healing journey from a physical injury opened up all the possibilities of holistic health for me. I found out that I didn’t have to live with pain. I realized that my body could be corrected when it was given the right opportunities.

Massage and movement are ways that you can help yourself feel "whole". Come as you are and leave ready to take on life again. "


                                                                     ~ Metta Sacdyphoud LMT, BCMT, CCAP

Today I got my first massage done in a decade... and I feel like a new person. After the labor for the last 4 years of two births and pregnancy I had some severe hip joint and posture issues.
 After today... I feel more confident in correcting those things and i didn’t know what pain I was carrying until it was gone today.

Amanda Haanpaa

“I had no idea how much I needed this. I am a fitness instructor father and competitor. My body take a beating everyday. Now that I know how it feels to be relaxed, I can't go without.  ”

Darby Allen

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